Poleward, 2018-19

Research project / Work in progress

Project supported by DRAC Grand Est and Région Grand Est

The Poleward project is a study on the movements of the cold weather in Canada.

This process manifests the influence and the perturbations of weather on the movement, the human and animals activities, the environment and our connection to the land. The multiple linear movements, the air masses, the meteorological phenomena, the magnetic field, they all create a sensitive and dynamic artistic approach.

All the references (pictures, drawings, cartographies) and photographs are interconnected and express fundamental concepts of duality and balance.


Lineair lines, Canada, 2018

Forecast, Archive document, Canada, 2018

Déplacement des pôles terrestres (fig.41), La Terre

Niagara Falls, Archive document, Canada, 1888

International Permafrost Association, Archive document, 1998

The Moon, published in 1778 the details quote observations from 1773.