Canadian Glaciers, 2017

This series focuses on the glaciers of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, especially their texture, morphology, and readaptability.

The glaciers are considered prime climate indicators due to their sensitivity. In the many places, glaciers have now been reduced close to their minimum extent during the warmest periods of the halocene and some have almost disappeared.

In my work, I search to understand the place's constitution. My research are an alternation between direct experience and more distant analysis. It's necessary to me to physically travel back to this north regions to learn to see truly the landscapes, to read them, to better understand them. These landscapes are an open air laboratory where I find my inspiration.

These photographs show the ephemeral beauty of glaciers, the minimal forms, variations, tensions and pattern created by the snow structures and the frozen landscapes. The glacier movement tells us about our past and present history. They show us the fragility of a world that is disappearing before our eyes and question each of us about our actions and our future choices.

Photographic silver prints. Variable dimensions.


Athabasca glacier, Canada, 2017

Edith cavell glacier, Canada, 2017

The temple, Canada, 2017

Plain of the 6 glaciers, Canada, 2017

The road on the glacier, Canada, 2017

Victoria glacier, Canada, 2017

Glacier valley, Canada, 2017

Berg lake trailhead, Canada, 2017

Glacier tong, Canada, 2017

Rest of the glacier, Canada, 2017

The door, Canada, 120x120 cm, 2017

Wells gray Provincial Park, Canada, 2017

Glacier Banff NP, Canada, 2017