Geological lines, 2014

The natural environment of the west coast in the United States has been shaped largely by its geology. He contains a diverse desert environment of salt-flats, sand dunes, valleys, canyons, and mountains.

The existence of many craters in Death Valley National Park, the remnants of ancient volcanoes in Monument Valley, the hoodoos at Big water and the salt lake at Bonneville flats, all these landforms and natural geometries invite to create imaginary scenarios around these phenomena.

Between reality and fiction, The Geological lines project questions our approach to nature and cosmos, and our desire to read in the rocks. 1
He shows what is elusive, mysterious and encourages us to contemplation.

1. « L'écriture des pierres », 1870, Roger Caillois

Photographic silver prints. Variable dimensions.


The road, California, USA, 2014

Ubehebe crater's desert, USA, California, 2014

Zabriskie point's wave, USA, California, 2014

Ubehebe crater's salt, USA, California, 2014

Ubehebe crater, USA, California, 2014

Big water's hoodoos, USA, Utah, 2014

Big water's hoodoos, USA, Utah, 2014

Artist's Palette, USA, California, 2014

Canyonlands, USA, Utah, 2014

Half dome, California, USA, 2014

Half dome 2, California, USA, 2014

Yosemite falls, USA, California, 2014

Rock, USA, Utah, 2014

Bonneville flats, USA, Utah, 2014

Arizona, USA, Arizona, 2014

Monument valley, USA, Arizona, 2014

Bryce canyon, USA, Utah, 2014

Zabriskie point's wave 2, USA, California, 2014

Canyonlands 2, USA, Utah, 2014