The marvel of silence, 2010-

The marvel of silence is a photographic series on the Svalbard archipelago and Iceland that took place over 10 years.

Inspired by these landscapes of ice, mountains, rivers, geysers, tundras, fjords, lava fields and colored sands, The marvel of silence create poetic images characterized by a near-minimalist aesthetic.

These territories, although sublimated, illustrate, with reference to collective ideals, to artificial paradises, to a melancholic atmosphere, to exoticism and science fiction, the instability and fragility that characterize the present time.

Photographic silver prints. Variable dimensions.


The arch, Svalbard, 2013

Holtsos, Iceland, 2014

Nordurland vestra, Iceland, 2012

Eyjar, Iceland, 2014

Fjallvegur, Iceland, 2020

Dalur, Iceland, 2014

Sólheimajökull, Iceland, 2016

The cave, Iceland, 2012

The volcanic sand, Iceland, 2011

Antlers, Svalbard, 2013

Dunes, Iceland, 2020

Aska, Iceland, 2014

The blue glacier lagoon, Iceland, 2012

Jökullsarlon 1, Iceland, 2012

Fjallvegur, Iceland, 2014

The dark Blue Lagoon, Iceland, 2012

The icy polar wind, Iceland, 2014

The glacier lagoon 3, Iceland, 2011

The glacial tongue, Svalbard, 2013

The ice, Svalbard, 2013

Svea, Svalbard, 2013

The crack, Iceland, 2014

The glacier lagoon 2, Iceland, 2011

The Rock, Iceland, 2012

Nord-fjorden, Svalbard, 2013

The glacier, Iceland, 2011

The ice, Iceland, 2011

The glacier lagoon 1, Iceland, 2011

Dalur, Iceland, 2016

The glacier lagoon 4, Iceland, 2011

The ice black and white, Iceland, 2011

Volcano Brennisteinsalda , Iceland, 2014

The land route , Iceland, 2014

Vik under the snow, Iceland, 2014

The glacier lagoon 5, Iceland, 2011

Svea fjord, Svalbard, 2013

Landmannalaugar, Iceland, 2014

Mountains, Iceland, 2014

Svea glacier, Svalbard, 2013

The glacier moraine, Svalbard, 2013

The glacier lagoon 6, Iceland, 2016